hi im keel
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I'm happy 4 u bab!


I’m seeing arcade fire and then like 5 days later moving 39248322389423 miles away from this toxic relationship hell hole and it doesn’t feel real *__*


Here are some phone pics of my sleeping arrangement for the past few days (living outdoors is the best)


"She was filled with regret before she died. She felt like she’d failed us as a mother tremendously."
"Did she say something to you about it?"
"She never said anything, so I don’t have any tangible proof that she had regrets. But she had a very bad substance abuse problem. And I know she always wanted to be a good mother. So I separate my mom from her disease. I always imagine that my mom and an alcoholic were living in the same body. And I know that my mom loved us. And that she hated the alcoholic."

Wait why am I just now realizing this the hottest man on earth

I envy ppl who have like not actual sacks of dog shit for parents so much

Casual back turned selfie in which I’m not trying to show off my tattoo at all:-)


Bus ride to Switzerland


things i care about

  • this lace bralette

I want

florence, italy

Cable car to the top of Mount Pilatus